User manual

This section explains how to use JSBSim to make simulation runs, to create aircraft models, to write scripts, and how to perform various other tasks that do not involve changes to program code in JSBSim itself.

The JSBSim software comes with many examples of ready-to-use aircraft models. Once they become familiar with all the steps and settings needed to carry out simulations, users might want to look at these examples and learn more in detail the way that some specific models are implemented by more experienced JSBSim users.

The aircraft models included in this project and distribution do not include any proprietary, sensitive, or classified data. All data is derived from textbooks (such as Stevens and Lewis “Aircraft Control and Simulation” and Sutton’s “Rocket Propulsion Elements”), freely available technical reports (see: NASA Technical Reports Server site and AIAA website), or other public data (such as the FAA website). Aircraft models included in the JSBSim distribution and with names corresponding to existing commercial or military aircraft are approximations crafted using publicly available information, and are for educational or entertainment uses only.